Monday, January 7, 2013


So "100 Days in the Garden" only lasted 50, but I think perhaps I'll attempt the other half some time in the future.  After vacation.  Vacation!  Chad and I are going to the South Island next week!  We're going to spend a week on the trail and then another week laying low, doing some sight seeing, and hanging out with some friends.  To add to the excitement, Matt and Kelly are visiting this week, finishing off their trip in New Zealand on Waiheke with us.  They've just finished a tour of the South Island and hearing them talk and seeing pictures is making me even more anxious.  But first it's a week of laying on the beach and vineyard tours (and fishing, of course) with the not so newly wed newlyweds.

The garden changes every day.  Because of the way that I plant (quite scattered and close together) no one seems to think there is much of anything edible in there.  But if you look under here there are cucumbers.  And back here are some ripe turnips, and you can't see them but there are beans behind the raspberries.  And, Chad, how dare you tell me that we don't have any beets in the garden.  There are plenty.  It just requires some Catherine Zeta-Jones 'Entrapment' moves to reach them. 

I wonder what will happen if I ever go back to row cropping?

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