Thursday, September 27, 2012

Finger-lickin' Good!

Years ago, when I first set foot on an organic veggie farm, I devised a theory that the pitiful income made in this business is completely disproportionate to the extravagant meals available each day to all those who dare enter into it.  Chad and I have tested this theory day in and day out, and we find no fault in it.  Tonight's dinner cemented that theory into fact.  Our bellies have warned us that if we ever trade the amazing food we eat for a higher paying job there will be trouble.

This evening's feast that began with perfectly steamed purple artichokes dipped in garlic butter is only one example of the many dishes people pay high prices for either in the store or a restaurant that we eat regularly.  Lately, asparagus has been growing so fast that it must be picked nearly every other day.  It's so tender and sweet that I can't bare to cook it.  We eat it fresh in salads or straight from the garden.  Today Chad yelled halfway across the farm to me, "I just ate a two-foot piece of asparagus and it was delicious!"  Sugar snap peas are coming in strong, as are the heritage lettuces, Detroit dark red beets, and spicy arugula.  Combine these simple veggies with oysters from the beach or a squash leftover from last fall, some freshly baked bread, and 'voila!' a five star meal.  At least by our standards.  We'll be testing out our theory a french chef who's wwoofing with us next month.  Something tells me he'll be quite happy with how we eat here at Uma Rapiti.

We have significantly lowered our butter intake since wwoofers Christina and Zach left a couple of weeks ago.  Until this meal, that is.  (See bowl of melted butter, left, complete with roasted garlic)

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