Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Note on Rain

Rain, Rain, go away...
    Come again another day.

Upper Uma Rapiti River flowing toward Rabbit Lake.
 This is just a short blog post for all of you whom are "Dying" in the heat of wherever you are.
Since about the first week of June we have had maybe three days straight of sun.

End of swale before extending. Emptying into fire pit and flax.
 The rest of our time here has been rather grey and rainy with punctuations of torrential downpour and extreme wind.  How extreme you ask?  Well, up to 40kph (25mph) sustained winds and 60kph (37mph gusts).  Doesn't sound like much you say?  I regularly find dishes blown off our counter and landed 30 feet away in our garden beds.

Our fire pit turned flowing pool.  Complete with iron feature!
 Three weeks ago it rained so much that the relief swale that was dug along the side our property to relieve water issues turned from a small stream to a mild river.  It overfilled and proceeded to turn our fire pit into a swimming pool.

Mysterious Pit a.k.a Rabbit Lake
 At the bottom corner of the property we found this random pit about 15 feet across and 5 feet deep when we first arrived.  It was bone dry with a couple of 2x4 ends and 2x6 pieces in it.  We now have a well-crafted duck pond.  Complete with floating detritus for the pukkekos and rabbits to sunbathe on.

Makeshift rain catchment system
Yes, that is correct.  7cm.  70mm.  2.7in.  A lot.

For those of you who might be in disbelief and thinking I'm leaning toward the exaggeration aspect of story-telling, I present exhibit A.  This is a tote that was left outside for about 18 hours before I realized it was there.  What you are seeing is proof in the pudding folks!  Approximately 70mm of rain in 18 hours!  Yes, 7cm (2.7 inches) of the wet stuff.  Please realize I come from Portland, Oregon where I'm used to it being wet for 6-8 months out of the year.  I will never complain again!  Lizzy stepped outside to use the restroom the other day which is about 50 feet away.  She ran there and ran back.  Upon her return she was literally soaked through front and back.

In parting I would just like to say, enjoy you 80, 90, even 100 degree weather.  I'm jealous.  And trying to find a decent pair of water wings!

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  1. Thats a lot of rain! But you can't use a tapered
    container or it'll make it seem like more :)